With over 20 years of working in the construction industry in California, Rony's professional knowledge and command of the Hebrew language allows him to expedite the efficiency of each renovation.

Working with local sub-contractors, the average length of time to complete a shelter is 4 - 6 weeks.  The average cost to renovate a shelter (capacity of 40-50 people) is approximately $20,000 (US).


  • — Debris Removal, Wall Repair, Plaster, Prime and Paint: $2,000
  • — Ceramic Tile Floor (Sand/Cement Application): $2,600
  • — Rough and Finish Plumbing: $2,500
  • — Rough and Finish Electrical: $2,200
  • — Metal Fold-Out Beds, Ladders and Mattresses: $2,800
  • — Heating/Air Conditioning: $2,400
  • — Reinforced Steel Door (Shrapnel Proof): $1,800
  • — Kitchenette: $700
  • — Operational Expenses: $3,000

    TOTAL COST: $20,000


If your organization will sponsor the remodeling of an entire bomb shelter, we organize a "Tour of Duty" with 10-15 members to represent your organization, participate in the renovation of the shelter, interact with the residents, experience an Israeli Shabbat dinner, and also visit Israel from an Israeli perspective - we take you places that regular tourists do not see.

Upon completion of the shelter we place a plaque letting the residents know that this shelter was renovated with the love from their American friends.


Example of Renovated Shelter



afterAfter with bunk beds & couches






afterAfter with microwave, hot-plate & mini fridge






afterAfter with sink & toilet


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