The Need for Protection

Many times Israelis experienced days of terror from the rocket attacks and most had to hide in unsuitable conditions. These abandoned shelters were supposed to be maintained by the Israeli government but, unfortunately, funds were not available for the older buildings, thus thousands of residents were forced to find shelter in basements and under stairways.

Residents have only a few seconds to find shelter but most of the shelters are neglected.

Letter from the Abraham family:


Three years ago in July (2006), while the children were on summer vacation, instead of having fun and enjoying our time together, we had “fun” in our bomb shelter for 34 days.
It is very hard to describe to you what it is like to live with nonstop shooting of rockets, aimed at your children and to have to stay in an underground shelter every day and night. We were not allowed to go outside for a breath of fresh air for fear of being hit. Our town of Nahariya was deserted. The majority of the residents fled to the south because their shelters were not prepared for any length of stay.
For over a month our freedom to live a normal life was taken from us.
Our shelter was terribly neglected because it was too expensive for us to renovate. It was filled with dust and mosquitoes, sleeping on mattresses on the dirty concrete floor. We did not have air conditioning in the middle of a very hot summer. We had no bathroom that we could safely use. Can you imagine living like that for one month?
Thanks to the United Law Group and your generous contribution to Tikvat Am Yisrael, we now have a beautiful, clean shelter! There are not enough words to express our gratitude to you. Knowing that even in these difficult economic times you have found a warm corner in your heart to help us is unbelievable. The next time we have to use our bomb shelter we will now have good conditions and all thanks to you! We are praying for peace to come and to be able to live in peace. Again, we thank you from all of our hearts for your help.

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