From the Abraham family
AbrahamFamilyThree years ago in July (2006), while the children were on summer vacation, instead of having fun and enjoying our time together, we had “fun” in our bomb shelter for 34 days.
It is very hard to describe to you what it is like to live with nonstop shooting of rockets, aimed at your children and to have to stay in an underground shelter every day and night. We were not allowed to go outside for a breath of fresh air for fear of being hit. Our town of Nahariya was deserted. The majority of the residents fled to the south because their shelters were not prepared for any length of stay.
For over a month our freedom to live a normal life was taken from us.
Our shelter was terribly neglected because it was too expensive for us to renovate. It was filled with dust and mosquitoes, sleeping on mattresses on the dirty concrete floor. We did not have air conditioning in the middle of a very hot summer. We had no bathroom that we could safely use. Can you imagine living like that for one month?
Thanks to the United Law Group and your generous contribution to Tikvat Am Yisrael, we now have a beautiful, clean shelter! There are not enough words to express our gratitude to you. Knowing that even in these difficult economic times you have found a warm corner in your heart to help us is unbelievable. The next time we have to use our bomb shelter we will now have good conditions and all thanks to you! We are praying for peace to come and to be able to live in peace. Again, we thank you from all of our hearts for your help.
From the Asulin family
AsulinFamilyIt is so exciting and very heart warming to see how one person’s initiative and care turns to such big help to our families in the most difficult of times. During the 1982 Lebanese War, I was a child and then during the Second Lebanon War of 2006 I had a child of my own.
The majority of bomb shelters throughout Israel have been ignored and neglected. It is so comforting to know that if there is another war, I will now be able to give my child a pleasant environment to stay in, thanks to the United Law Group and Tikvat Am Yisrael. Things that I took for granted during a normal day, such as a bed, air conditioning, a tiled floor, were so missed during the last war in 2006.
The remodeled bomb shelter in my building will now make it so much easier for all of the residents and especially the children to go down to during an attack. I am thanking the United Law Group from all of my heart. The residents in our building feel extremely fortunate to be among the families that have received your generous donation for the remodeling of our shelter, especially since there are still so many shelters that are still in the condition that ours used to be in and are not prepared for the next war.
Thank you very much!

From Batia

BatiaArieDear Friends,
It was only a short time that you spent with us, but so great was your contribution.
Your work, craftsmanship and the hours of efforts in improving our bomb shelter, alongside the time you've granted us to host you in our Friday night dinner, has given something to be proud of, something we would cherish in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
It is very heartwarming to know that there are such kind people that are willing to embrace us, Israelis, and spare priceless time and efforts in coming so far from home for just helping complete strangers.
No words can express our gratitude, so the least we can say is just thank you.
Thank you, June, Rick and Brett.

From the children on Hertzel Street

AsulinFamilyDear Shelter Contributors, we the children of the building on Hertzel Street want to thank you very much. Thanks to you we now feel safety, security, comfort and a lot of love. That's what we received from you. We want to bless you, that you will succeed in everything you do. With warm greetings!
We are grateful to you all for your help. We are living in Nahariya on Hertzel Street. We are thankful for your help reconstructing our shelter. Our town, 8km from the Israel-Lebanon border, has suffered under the Hezbollah bombing in the last conflict (July, August 2006). Now, with your generous help, we are in security in our new shelter.
With our warmest thanks, God bless America and Israel.

from the tenants on Szold Street

AsulinFamilyI am not sure of being capable of expressing my feelings and appreciation for you, after what you have done for us, a new shelter. I say "new" because the old one was just a shelter, without water, no toilet, nothing.
We are living in a three floor building with nine apartments. Thanks to you, last Friday (January 7, 2009), the twelve children were not scared, running down to the shelter. Also included was one pregnant woman and some old people (including myself). What a difference it was to enter our new shelter. It felt like a miracle!
Everything has changed, thanks to you wonderful people with golden hearts. You knew how to give and how to help those in need. You deserve the best, health and happiness for what you have done for us, the people of Israel. We have suffered so much (I am a Holocaust survivor for example).
Rony Jordan did also a wonderful job (from all of his heart). Thanks and blessings for him too. God bless you! We pray for you.

From the Rodriguez Family

rodriguezWe want to thank the United Law Group for the generous funding of our bomb shelter renovation. We now have the security of knowing that if another war breaks out, we will be safe from the missiles because we now have a clean and organized bomb shelter.
During the last war in 2006, we had to hide our young sons under a staircase because the apartment building we lived in did not have a bomb shelter. After the war we moved to another apartment building that had a bomb shelter, however it was very neglected. This is a very common problem here in Israel, especially for those who can not afford to live in newer buildings.
Our sons were so afraid to even go near the bomb shelter and have been very worried about what would happen if another war were to break out. Now that our shelter has been renovated and now has such a comfortable atmosphere, the smiles on our sons’ faces reveal they no longer fear the bomb shelter.
We again want to thank the United Law Group and Tikvat Am Yisrael from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for our family and all the other families in our building.

from an apartment building in Tzfat

TzfatShalom, In these crazy days of lack of defense and stability due to our government's incompetence and after experiencing the Second Lebanon War (we had to escape from place to place because of the lack of proper and safe shelters for our children) what would a father ask for his family, for his children, if not for a safe shelter in time of trouble?
We have no words to praise and thank you for your most generous contribution and your great help in the restoration of our bomb shelter which had nothing in it except walls of concrete.
Today, thanks to you, we have a model shelter with toilets, sinks, beds, lighting, water, tile floors and even a shower in the ladies bathroom. It's an example shelter and all thanks to your great generosity.

From the Zehavi Family

EranZehaviWe have no words to describe how grateful we are; you came as a ray of light and restored our shelter.
Thanks to you, my family and I, like all the rest of the residents in this building, live in a safer place. I will always remember this act of kindness. THANK YOU TIKVAT AM YISRAEL!.

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