Tour of Duty at Work


Thanks to your donations, the "Tour of Duty" volunteers go in and remove all the unwanted items, repair the walls, and repaint.

Then, the local contractors come in and install bathroom facility, redo the floor, install new lighting fixtures, install fold-down beds and couches.

Letter from Batia:


Dear Friends,
It was only a short time that you spent with us, but so great was your contribution.
Your work, craftsmanship and the hours of efforts in improving our bomb shelter, alongside the time you've granted us to host you in our Friday night dinner, has given something to be proud of, something we would cherish in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
It is very heartwarming to know that there are such kind people that are willing to embrace us, Israelis, and spare priceless time and efforts in coming so far from home for just helping complete strangers.
No words can express our gratitude, so the least we can say is just thank you.
Thank you,
June, Rick and Brett.

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Tour of Duty at Work

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